Camp NanoWrimo Day 2: A latecomer arrives

It’s already day two of Camp Nanowrimo. for those of you unaware of what this is, its a vitual writers retreat. It happens over the months of April and July and is incredibly flexible. Whether you’re writing poetry, flash fiction, short stories or novel length works you can set you own goal. Some people want to write a specific number of words, or spend a particular amount of time writing. Whatever you’d like to do, camp nanowrimo offers you a place to track your goals, help you stay motivated, and connect with other writers.

This is my first time doing Camp Nano, and at 9pm BST the first virtual write in begins. You can join in on You Tube, and while I’m not too sure what to expect, its sure to be an interesting experience. I’ve not been assigned to a Camp yet but hope to be sorted soon as the idea of connecting with 9 other writers is pretty exciting.

My goal is modest, it can’t easily be tracked with a word count or hours invested, though I’ve a loose word count of 5,000 to guide me. What I’d really like to do is finish a story about social isolation and loneliness that I started last year. Written in first person perspective I want the reader to experience a day in the life of Elizabeth, an elderly lady looking to connect with others in a supermarket.

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