Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Note that day 2 is my first day or Camp NaNo, as described in my previous post. I thought it would be helpful to post a daily update to keep myself motivated and accountable. Hopefully, it’ll help me see the story finished.

I’ve just attended my first virtual write in. It lasted about an hour and there were close to 150 attendees in all. We were given three writing prompts. The first one gave us a 5 minute window to write based on the prompt and there was 10 minutes allowed for the other 2. After each prompt, we could share our word count and snippets from our work, some of which was then read out. They also took a question between each prompt, sharing some writing tips. I didn’t get as much work on my story as I thought I might, but it did exercise my creative muscle and gave me some ideas that might form the basis of future stories.

Daily Summary

Words written: 1,207/5,000 (Although some of this was written previously. I’ve edited some of the work and added 603 new words today)

Goal words needed: 127/day to finish on time

Difference: 855 ahead of schedule

Time spent writing: aprox. 1 hour total

Tips: Here’s a trick you can use when creating new characters from scratch. Take a trait you see in one of your friends that you don’t like and give it to your new character. It could be vanity, jealousy, anything that bugs you. It might get you writing about characters you might not thought of writing about otherwise and maybe you’ll learn something about your friend in the process.

What character development tips would you share with fellow writers?

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