Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Today has been pretty hectic, but in the best way. With my partner having a day off, we decided to take a trip to Pease Bay, in the Scottish Borders with my dad and daughter. It has been a beautiful, sunny, warm day. A rarity in Scotland for sure. I wish I’d captured more pictures – I felt like I missed out on many great shots, including some pictures of the sea. However, I’m please with what I did get. Here is a handful of my favourites:

Daily Summary

Words written: 1690/5,000 (I only added 264 new words today, which is a little sad. I feel a little like I’m just treading water today)

Goal words needed: 119/day to finish on time (down 5 since yesterday due to over achieving)

Difference: 1045 ahead of schedule

Time spent writing: aprox. 30 mins total

Tips: One of the best ways to characterize is by talking about motivation. Instead of writing specifically about feelings, write about why your characters are doing the things they’re doing. Rather than naming emotions, think of the behaviour you can expect from someone feeling a certain way. For example, an angry person may be prone to lashing out physically or verbally, or they might choose to disengage and refuse to interact with whatever is making them mad. They might scowl, clench their fists, or otherwise behave more aggressively than normal. Someone who is paranoid might insist on checking every lock is closed before going to bed, or checking all the power switches are off. They might think about it while lying in bed – did they remember to check all of the locks/switches?

How do you characterise in your writing?

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