Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 5

I managed to spend a bit more time on my story today and am pleased that I’ve been able to add more than 700 words today alone. I’ have done more but I ended up hitting a wall, wondering where I would take the story next. I’ve decided to take a break to think it over and hopefully I’ll be able to move it forward again later in the day.

In the meantime, I have other writing projects I’m going to take a look at, such as my novel, tentatively titled ‘Hope’s Journey’.

Daily Summary

Words written: 2415/5,000 (+725 words)

Goal words needed: 96/day to finish on time (down again due to over achieving)

Difference: 1609 ahead of schedule

Time spent writing: aprox. 60 mins total

Tips: Want a writing exercise that will challenge you more? Why not take 5 writing prompts and write a story that combines them all in some way? That’s what I did today and the results were pretty pleasing. I ended up with a disoriented main character on a train, traveling through the countryside at night. He listened to a woman talk about the impact of flooding on her life, while wondering how he was going to get home after realizing his nap had caused him to miss his stop.

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