No loitering


I’ve not done much work on my story the last couple of days. I’ve been thinking my way out of the rut but maybe I need to be writing my way out. I’m especially tired today and while I don’t want to burn out from pushing myself too hard, I’m mindful that momentum is easily lot. If I don’t push myself and pick things up again soon, I’m at risk of losing what little momentum I’ve build it in the last few days.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of running several times in the last few years this way, and stopped writing for other projects too – all because I allowed the momentum to stall.

So today I am taking a break, thinking about my story and being mindful that momentum is precious. Ben Nicholas makes a good point – making running, making writing part of my routine helps make it part of  me, makes it easier to maintain – it becomes as natural as getting breakfast or taking a shower. Some days you’ll feel inspired, other days, like yesterday and today, you won’t but doing something is still better than nothing.

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