Poem as follows: Soft pink blossom rain drifting sleepily along Quiet sunlit streets

Haiku: Springtime Petal Dance

Poetry isn’t something I’ve read or written much in a number of years. Not since school. Typically, I work on novels, short stories or articles for blogs and websites. However, last night I had the urge to expand my horizons and try something new.

My good friend, Jason is a prolific poet, and has a talent for slam poetry in particular. I knew he’d be a great guide to help me explore the vast, intriguing world of poetry. We talked about basic concepts and some of the best known forms of poetry for awhile. Then we decided to have a go and spend some time coming up with a haiku.

I wanted to capture a moment stuck in my mind that was strikingly beautiful. coming home from a long day at work, I stepped off the bus outside Lucas Ice-cream Shop in Musselburgh, East Lothian. The sun was shining, there was a warm, gentle breeze. It felt very much like a summer’s day. There are a lot of blossoming trees along the high street, they were all in bloom. Fluttering down from the tips of branches fell vibrant pink petals. Enough that it looked to be raining petals.

The imagery please me as it captures the moment I visualised in my mind. Additionally, it fits the form in that it has 17 syllables, with 5 on the first and third line and 7 on the second.

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