Changing Course During a Pandemic

On March 30th 2020, schools and various non-essential shops and workplaces had shut down. Concerts, sporting events and other ‘mass gatherings’ had already been stopped. The country was ramping up it’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic as the virus ripped through the country.

We were a week into lockdown. People were losing their lives and livelihoods at an alarming rate. And I had just left my retail career of 15 years.

From the Familiar

The previous week, I had been working at the front door of the supermarket, managing the queue and sanitising trolleys and baskets for customers. After 15 years in retail I thought I’d seen everything, but lockdown showed me how wrong I was.

I didn’t have a face mask to protect me. No one did as they were considered unnecessary by the ‘experts’, and were not yet readily available. Like many, I was worried about catching the virus from a customer and passing it along to my daughter, or to my dad who would be more vulnerable to it than us. It was an incredibly stressful time for everyone and there was so much panic buying we had to limit the sale of essential products like toilet roll and pasta.

To the Frontier

To my relief, the professional software development course with CodeClan would still be going ahead. I’d feared it would be cancelled or delayed, however it was now going to be delivered remotely. We were disappointed we wouldn’t be on-campus seeing each other face to face each day, and hoped it would only be a matter of weeks before we could return to campus. We were all worried about how remote learning would work as it was new to student and instructor alike.

‘Rubber ducking’ can help programmers work out complex problems

Armed with my CodeClan Rubber Duck, rented MacBook and a mostly stable internet connection, I was ready to take my limited programming skills to places I couldn’t dream of previously.

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